New Photo Tuesday 12-5-17

Here's some photo's I've taken recently. I haven't had as much time to shoot as I'd like, lately, but hopefully the schedule will lighten up and I can get back out there again. 

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water meets land

I love the spot where the ocean meets the land. Here, on Cape Neddick - I was as far away from Nubble Light as I could get. I wanted to shoot the sun coming up over the surf as it hit the rocks.

The Tree

This is my tree. Well, it's not "mine" - property-wise, but it's mine emotionally. Haha- I know, sounds dumb- but it's really not. I've shot this tree a hundred times because of the way it affects me. There's something about this bare tree, alone in a field - with the sun setting behind it, that connects with me in some way. I know I'm not alone in that. I've heard from tons of people who feel the same way about this tree in Rollinsford NH. 

Thanksgiving in The Cove

Perkins Cove, Ogunquit ME. It was a quiet Thanksgiving morning on the cove.....and it was great to be there to witness it...

The Last Stars

New Castle NH.  Every morning, if you're out early enough, you can watch daylight push back the night. And as the sun gets closer to rising, it chases the stars from the sky. And here, I shot this because I always look for the last stars to give up. They're the hold outs. The stars that don't want to surrender.  And I love the notion of that....

Hope you like em - 

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