Eric Church Performs "Why Not Me?" After Tragedy


I've always liked Eric Church, but I can't say I was a true "fan" because I'm not familiar with a lot of his music.

But after seeing this, I don't know how anyone wouldn't love him.

He played the Rt 91 Festival two days before the tragedy in Las Vegas, and this is his first time back on stage.

He didn't want to do it, but he did. 

His explanation is heartbreaking.

His performance, beautiful. 

And the strength it had to have taken to do it, is amazing. 

It's just more proof of something I've always believed, and said: Music helps us all through our darkest days. It can unite us, nurture us, and heal us.

And nowhere is it more evident - than in this performance by Eric Church...


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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