The Celeb All Stars vs NH Army National Guard!


Had a great night playing softball against members of the NH Army National Guard! What a fun group of players! It was them vs a group of "Celebrity" (haha) All Stars, and we were the opening act for the Eastern League Home Run Derby - hosted by the NH Fishercats! It was an up and down game, but the All Stars held on for a tough 8-7 win! 

And although I'm not one to complain about calls in a game - I'm including this clip of my 2nd inning at bat. I was called out at first - but this video CLEARLY shows that I was SAFE!!!  HA! The ump was lucky that i was too friggin winded to get up in his grill about it!!! Haha - 

me and jamie

Me with WMUR-TV Channel 9's Jamie Staton - who was an absolute BEAST out in right center! Great game, Jamie!

me and brian pike

Congratulating NH Fisher Cats Strength and Conditioning Coach Brian Pike on some incredible out fielding!

off the field

Coming off the field, getting congratulated by Jack Heath of NH In The Morning WGIR-AM, after a miraculous diving stop I made to nail a guy at first. I don't want to brag.....but many said it looked a lot like a move the legendary Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson would have made - if he and John Candy would have had a son....hahah...

I had a blast out there with a great group of folks - and it was an honor to be out there with the members of the NH Army National Guard!

Great fun!


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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