Shooting The Sunrise from Mt Washington


It's hard to describe what it's like to see this unfold right in front of you. The clouds roll by you - sweeping left to right. The roll over you. Around you. One minute you're in a clearing, and the next you're actually enveloped in a cloud. 

At one point the clouds rolled over us and off the ridge. They then formed tendrils - that dove for the valley, only to come reaching back towards us. I swear to you - it was like fingers of a giant hand - reaching back towards us. We didn't catch it with the cameras, and to be honest, I don't know if we could have. It was as quick as  it was amazing....

Here's us (my friend and fellow photog Doug Harrington - check out his stuff- he's excellent!) - getting ready for the rise- 


The wind was strong enough that we had to steady the tripods to get shots that were clear. The temp was about 45 degrees- and I wasn't as well prepared as I should have been. Gloves would have helped! We hunkered down behind some rocks at a pull over- to shield us from the wind - and waited 40 minutes for the sun to make its appearance...

And then it did....


If you've never done it - do it. The details and dates are on the Mt Washington Auto Road website. Be warned - if the top is in fog- which it is most of the time for these (or so i hear) - the driving at the top can be pretty hairy. That part isn't for the skittish driver, or the faint of heart. 

Maybe I'll see you up there next time!

Here's a couple samples of what I got....

Sunrise breaks on Mt Washington
And the show continues.....

Minute to minute, the whole scene changes- so you have to pay attention or you miss something like this (above)

For more of my photos, check out my site- - or my Facebook photo page-  under Greg Kretschmar Photography. Thanks !  -g

Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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