Check Out the HICKEYS on This Kid!

Hickey Kid

Here's the mugshot of an 18 yr old kid in Kentucky who got popped for trespassing in an abandoned building and unlawful transaction with a minor (alcohol).

Ok - not a big deal - BUT -


Let me just say it -  If you get hickeys on your NECK - you're a moron. There's nothing that looks more stupid than letting someone put SUCK MARKS on your neck for the world to see! 

TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT right there. And don't give me the "Oh but I didn't know they were doing it!" line either. BULLSHIT!

If I were the judge that saw this kid- I'd let him walk on the 2 charges, but then charge him for being a moron who let a chick give him 20 friggin hickeys!!


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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