Weirdest Marketing Strategy EVER!!!

Worst Marketing Strategy EVER

I mean, seriously - how big of a DUMP are you taking? 

Is it a BUCKET O'BALLS worth?

Holy CRAP!

Am i supposed to look at this photo and think - "Holy s***! MY s****s are NEVER that big!

But just in case I ever DO ingest a bucket of Titleist golf balls - THATS they sh**ter I just gotta


It's hard to believe this made it through marketing strategy sessions at American Standards! I can see it now - 

Boss: "Ok guys - we need a killer marketing plan to push our newest toilet. Who's got something for me?"

Jimmy: "I GOT IT, Boss! How about if we actually show that the toilet can flush an entire bucket of golf balls!!"




Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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