Seal Attack! Kid Gets Pulled into The Water!


Two things here:

1. How friggin fast was that seal? Holy crap! That thing was like lightning! One minute he's all cute- next the kids in the water! WHOAH! Nasty little bastard, isn't he???


2. ALMOST as quick as that seal - was the dude that jumped into the water to save her! He didn't even think - BOOM! And he was in the water, grabbing her and lifting her up! That guy was amazing! Didn't think about his phone, or his wallet- nothing. IN! Saves the kid. Impressive. I want that guy around me 24/7. It's good to have a bro like that around...

Oh, and lastly - notice the guy with the camera never flinched either? THAT guy was going to record it no matter how ugly it got. Never wavered and kept the camera right where it needed to be. Thats the world we live in, right there.  He didn't give a shit about anyone. HE ain't saving anyone. But you can be sure he'll get it on tape and sell it to the internet. Ugh...

Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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