Email from Steve Harvey to His Staff

UPDATE: Once again, I place my faith in someone- and I get kicked in the friggin teeth.


I like Steve Harvey- but he admitted that he did indeed write the email below.

I get where he is coming from - but nonetheless- this is an asshole email.

So I'll say it-  I was wrong. 

Double Ugh.


I 'm calling TOTAL BULL****.

No way this is real.

How do you not love the guy? (Roadkill can't stand him,  but Roadkill hates everybody!)

I'm only posting it to prevent you from buying into it later when you see it on some entertainment "news" website....

Bastards!  Trying to take down my man Steve Harvey! 

May the person responsible for this rot in hell....


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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