Watching The Great Gray Owl of Newport


It's amazing how many people are in to watching birds- especially when a bird makes a rare New England appearance. It's like Springsteen came to Newport! Here's what it was like  yesterday afternoon - with people photographing and just watching The Great Gray Owl that has resided in Newport for the last week.

People will stand and watch this thing for hours as it swoops down onto the grass, eats mice, and flies back up on to a fencepost or into a tree. It's crazy! And word was that during the weekends- the number of watchers was in the hundreds! And the owl? It seems pretty unflustered by it all.

Yesterday- there were people there who came up from PENNSYLVANIA just to see it!!


Hey man - I may be crazy, but THOSE people are friggin nuts!!!

Everybody we really cool yesterday- and very respectful of the animal. It was a great afternoon -


Here's one of the shots I got of it. It's a beautiful bird, that's for sure.....

And here is a photo....of me taking a photo....hahah. Thanks to Courtney for this "action" shot!! The owl is sitting on top of the first fence post in the distance... (Great to meet  you and chat with you Courtney!)

Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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