Vacation Wildlife Photos - Northern Maine

I spent part of vacation in the woods of Northern Maine, with my wife and some friends. What I love about going there, is that it gives me the chance to look for wildlife - with a high rate of success. Right now, there's a lot more snow up there than there is here-  deer are all "yarded up" (gathering in groups), which makes it easier to spot them in the woods. 

Here are some shots I got over the last several days  (and trust me - some of the temps were about 15-20 below with the wind chill! IT WAS COOOLLLLLDDD!)

Thankfully- the deer don't seem to mind...

Hope you like em - 


Here's one I shot as the deer was walking away. I made a clicking noise with my mouth - and it stopped, turned, and looked. I made sure I was ready with the camera. 

Deer yard up in groups during this time of year - or so I'm told. So it's not uncommon to see several deer together. Just off the side of the ride, back amongst the trees, was this group - that found me as interesting as I did them. 

Off in the distance, across from a clearing, I saw these three deer. I initially only saw the one on the right, but then the one on the left stood up, and I saw the one in the back resting. It was a pleasant surprise. I shot all of these with a 300mm zoom lens. I didn't spook them - they stayed put. I took my shot, and backed off to let them be.

This last one pretty much posed for this. Or - at least it felt like that.  She was walking along, and as soon as she heard me footsteps- she stopped, and watched me. She waited about a minute - then calmly walked on. Those are the coolest moments - when it feels like a moment the animal let you have. It's my hope that they can feel or sense that I'm not a threat. I try to be very responsible when it comes to photographing wildlife- and it has paid off many times. 


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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