New Photo Tuesday! 2-14-17

Shooting under the pier at Old Orchard Beach Maine can be tricky. I danced with the tide- so to speak, and lost to it - twice. Here's one of the waves that got me mid way to the knees. What I found was- that waterproof boots are only waterproof if the water isn't deeper than the boot itself. Waves 2, Greg 0. But- at least I got the shot....

As much as I love crashing waves, I love the receding tide more. There's something about the water rushing back into the ocean that is powerful. It's like the ocean wants to pull you back with it. I could watch it for hours, and here I was trying to shoot an image that gave you that feeling. 

I've been practicing shooting in snowstorms. I wanted to capture the movement of the snow - and the Portsmouth Tugs were the perfect subject during the storm last week. The wind was whipping the snow from left to right - so I set up the tripod and used an umbrella to block the snow from hitting the lens. The result is exactly what I was looking for. I know - it kind of looks like a painting. But in the driving snow storm - that's exactly what it looked like...

I shot this out my window at home. Bluebirds visit quite often, and they do so as a family. It's pretty cool to see, actually. And the colors here serve as a reminder that Spring - isn't very far away.

Hope you like the photos. Don't forget - check out my website if you'd like to see more. 


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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