Kid Referee Schools Snarky Soccer Game Parent



I spent a lot of times on sidelines and on bleachers all over the state, and if there's one thing I hate- it's the constantly negative, snarky parents who never have anything good to say. CAN'T. STAND. THEM.

I mean, at what point do you lose your sense of where  you are, and what you are? YOU'RE A PARENT, for God's sake, at a U10 Soccer Game, and you're harrassing a 14 year old ref?  Get a grip, man!

Now, granted- this guy isn't losing his s***. He's calm. But I've seen those passive aggressive dudes too. They sit right on the sideline and make snarky comments within earshot of the ref all game. The people behind him may not hear him - but the refs - and more importantly THE KIDS ON THE FIELD certainly do! And that's the worst part of it. Kids grow up thinking that's "part of the game" - and it shouldn't be. 

If you're one of these guys- do like my buddy does - sit away from people and from the field - so nobody hears you - and  you don't end up looking like a collossal DICK.

Here endeth the rant. 

Oh- but props to the ref. She's a kid and kept her cool. Nice work.


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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