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STEEZY - Learn Dance Faster | iOS & Android

STEEZY offers Step-by-step instructions help you learn the moves AND understand the fundamental techniques so you can build your confidence and become a better dancer. Styles include: Hip-hop, Urban dance, House, Breaking, Popping, Whacking, Krump, Heels, Jazz Funk

Zumper - Apartment Rental Finder | iOS & Android

Zumper, the largest rental marketplace. Discover apartments, houses, or rooms for rent that match your preferences, request virtual or in-person tours, submit applications, and pay rent. All in one app. Enjoy one-tap rent payments with credit or debit cards, Apple Pay, or bank transfers, and never write a paper check again.

Wakeout! - Active breaks | iOS & Android

Whether you're on the couch watching a series, working at your home office desk, or in bed, there's a Wakeout routine at the ready designed to break the sedentary pattern. Quick Breaks are 1-minute, 4-movement routines that you start with a tap.

Bond - Personal Security | iOS & Android

Bond offers several personal protection services and users can summon a personal bodyguard in as little as an hour to walk them home, take them shopping, or help them navigate a new city. Pricing starts at $30 for the first 30 minutes or $50 for first hour, with each additional 30 minutes costing $25. The app's founder, Doron Kempel, 57, is a decorated former deputy commander in the Israeli Defence Forces' special ops division. The app also offers location tracking, video monitoring, and agents who will notify the authorities and an emergency contact if needed.

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