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HearHere | iOS

Are you a road-tripper? Ever curious about the deeper story behind that bronze historical marker you passed on the highway? HearHere is an audio entertainment app that shares stories about the people, places and histories of the land you are traveling through. A hands-free experience that delights, informs and entertains by fostering a deeper connection with the world outside your car window.

Goldbelly | iOS & Android

Goldbelly lets you order America's most legendary foods shipped to your door anywhere, nationwide! In seconds, you can discover the most famous regional dishes from anywhere in the country and have them delivered to your door. New York Bagels, Pizza & Cheesecake - Maine Lobster Rolls - Texas BBQ & Pecan Pie - Philly Cheesesteaks.

Yarnbuddy | iOS & Android

YarnBuddy is a easy-to-use project tracker and row counter for knitters and crocheters. It saves your place in each project so that when you come back to finish that blanket you started three years ago, you can pick up exactly where you left off. It also helps you keep track of your yarn stash.

Swimply | iOS & Android

Enjoy the luxury of the private swimming pool experience without the burden of owning one. Whether for a quick getaway from the office, a fun in the sun get-together with friends and family, or just some well deserved R&R and exercise…you can make it happen with Swimply.

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