Stuffed Pineapple Recipe on the Blackstone!

I do suggest this recipe for a griddle grill like the Blackstone so you can cook everything together! I took a pineapple and cut it down the middle and scraped out and chopped up the insides, chopped a red bell pepper and cooked on the griddle. Also on the griddle I cooked up some chopped pork belly and chopped chicken breast. (The chicken breast I cooked in a mix of 1/2 world harbors teryiaki marinade and 1/2 world harbors sweet n sour marinade). I par cooked white rice and then stick immediately in the fridge. Once cooled (30 minutes or so) and everything on griddle is cooked, I put the pineapple face down the griddle to soften. While that is cooking on one side the other side I add the white rice to the griddle, some shredded carrots and frozen peas. Add some more teryiaki and sweet and sour marinades and add crushed red pepper to give it a nice spice and mix all together then stuff back in the pineapple. (I hope this all makes sense!) Enjoy!

Stuffed Pineapple

Stuffed Pineapple

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