Videos from My Weekend in Acadia National Park

I took a solo trip up to Acadia National Park this weekend to do some shooting (with a camera, that is). It's got so many places and things to shoot, it's what I call a "target rich enviornment" - haha.

Valerie didn't come along because 1. it's cold -haha - and 2. she knows that when I'm in shooting mode, I want to take advantage of every opportunity a place like Acadia provides. So - it was a solo trip.

In between shooting photos, I usually like to document the places I go by shooting just a little video with my phone - so I can kind of have a record of the places I go and shoot. I usually do a video everytime I shoot someplace.

Acadia is indeed one of my favorite spots because it's stunningly beautiful - and it's unlike any other place in New England.

It's great in the Summer, and I've yet to go in the Fall - (this year, though!), but in Winter- IT'S EMPTY! That means no crowds, no traffic, and nobody is getting in my shots! Haha-

So anyway- here's a montage of some of the videos I shot this weekend-

If you've never been to Acadia - its 3.5 hrs up from where I live. That's like 3 episodes of whatever show you watch - so what are you waiting for?


*below is an iPhone pic

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