Man Sets Neighborhood On Fire After Blow-Torching Weeds in His Lawn

Perhaps a string trimmer, machete, or even just pulling them up by hand would have been a smarter solution for clearing weeds off an Ohio man's property. Unfortunately, he chose to go big. According to Newburgh Heights Mayor Trevor Elkins, the man instead used a blowtorch, which managed to cause his truck to catch fire. Genius level move right there. The explosion and ensuing blaze then spread, burning several of the homes the man owned, so really he destroyed his own property in what can only be described as a "an extreme measure to avoid using Roundup." Thankfully no one was hurt in Monday afternoon's incident, and the state's Fire Marshall is investigating. How do you handle the landscaping on your property? Flamethrowers? Semi-automatic gun fire? I've always preferred shouting at my weeds to go away but hey, that's just me.



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