Whenever I watched MTV's "Cribs"- all I could think of was - "this dude makes this much money after ONE HIT RECORD?  NO FRIGGIN WAY"!! I always thought - how can they sustain the wealth if they're spending on this stuff?  We aren't talking Bill Gates money here-  we were talking one hit record money. Granted - that can be a lot - but not THAT much. MTV wanted glamour and excess - so all the stuff was rented. Check this - 

- 50 Cent's Ferrari's were actually just rentals from a well-known car collector.

- Lil' Bow Wow lied about having a private jet when he posted a stock photo on Instagram. The Bentley, Lamborghini and Cadillac Escalade he showed off on Cribs were also not his. They actually belonged to Prestige, a luxury rental car company in Miami.

- Ja Rule's "house" on Cribs was actually a four-day rental. In fact, after he shot his episode he allegedly threw a huge party there, and the real homeowner ended up suing him.

- JoJo used her uncle's house on Cape Cod for her episode. She confessed later that at the time her and her mom didn't have a home and were living out of suitcases and we were mostly in hotels. The house actually belonged to her uncle.

- The Yin Yang Twins rented a house and were seeing it for the first time while they gave their tour.- Redman actually took the opposite approach and kept it real by showing his small Staten Island home, littered with dirty laundry. He didn't even have a working doorbell. When cameras showed up, his cousin was still asleep on the floor, wrapped in a blanket. MTV tried to get the rapper to rent a home instead, but he refused.

I always thought the show was a total fake-

Turns out - I was right. 




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