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Kelly Brown

I've been with the Buzz since inception and got my start in radio at WUNH in Durham and then at 92 CDQ "Mount Rialto Radio" in Sanford, Maine (yes, in the "Elegante Ballroom!"). I pretty much love being on the Buzz except for working with Roadkill.

Family: My beautiful daughter Chloe and Sparky the dog. And we'll never forget Crazy Jake the Cattle Dog and Scouty the Beer drinkin' Half Hound (otherwise known as "dipsh*!" and "psychodog")......and our old Great Dane Thor (185 pounds and full of love....and slobber).

Latest CD's that have been stuck in my car stereo: Billy Joel's Songs In The Attic and Warren Zevon's Excitable Boy.

I love to read!...On my bookshelf now: Joe Drape's American Pharoah & Tom Coyne's A Course Called Ireland.

Pet Peeves: Light beer, Fake maple syrup and donuts that aren't deep fried.

I Dream about: Vacations in Ireland........playing bad golf and then drinking a good stout at some pub in Dingle or Dublin....or Ardglass or Lahinch.....or Tralee or Portrush......ahhhh.....I need to go back.


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