On Saturday night, my wife and I got the thrill of a lifetime in Boston, when we attended the Boston/New England Television Emmy Awards. The show I do for NH Chronicle on WMUR-TV, "Table for Two", was nominated as Best Interview/Discussion Program. Just about every Boston and New England television personality was there. The other nominees in our category were extremely good - so, to be honest, I really didn't think we were going to win. But.....

I was wrong.

They called our name, and I was stunned. What a huge thrill it was to have our work recognized by the best in the business! Here's some photos from the night. And I'll post more in the PHOTO GALLERY SECTION of this site.

My thanks to the entire crew of "Table for Two" - Executive Producer Maryann Mroczka, and photogs Chris Sheppard, Paul Falco, and Todd DiOrio. Its a privilege to work with all of you.

Here's a few shots...

First, absolute credit goes to The "Table for Two" team of NH Chronicle. Paul Falco, Todd DiOrio, Maryann Mroczka, me, and Chris Sheppard. Total pros, and even better- really nice people. To say we were "thrilled"- would be an understatement.

Pretty swanky stuff...


My lovely wife Valerie. (the first person I thanked in my speech!)


AA little pre-dinner goof around selfie with WMUR's Jean Mackin and Jamie Staton. Congrats to Jamie, who also won an Emmy for his story on Manchester PD Officer Dan Doherty's return to the ice after being shot 5 times in the line of duty. Nice work, Jamie!

How awesome is it to get to see LEONARD NIMOY receive his Lifetime Achievement award- and end the speech by telling us to "Live Long and Prosper" - THEN HE HELD UP THE HAND SIGNAL!!! Whoo-hoo! It was an excellent and heartfelt speech....

On stage after winning, and having 20 seconds to make a speech. I think I clocked in at about 16. Totally off the cuff, since I had nothing prepared.... lol

Clearly, it was the biggest "Holy S***!" experience of my life.....lol.

See more pics HERE!