I was given the honor of hosting the "Freedom Salute Ceremony" for the NHANG 237th Military Police Company and PAT Team - who recently got back from a tour in Afghanistan. It was a great day as each soldier was thanked, and honored.

You couldn't help but feel the pride that their families, friends, and supporters had for them. And yet - as the Field House at SNHU swelled with pride - the men and women of the 237th looked at it as if they were simply "doing their job". They are an impressive outfit, to be sure. And as many of them thanked me for hosting that day- I reminded them that is I who should be thanking them.

I told the crowd that we had been ending our show with a plea to thank our service men and women, and veterans, for more than 16 years now. I told them that it was my hope that someone thanked them every day for the rest of their lives. That's the level of gratitude we should have for what these citizen soldiers have done for us, our country, and the world.

I'll have more pics soon - but here's a couple -

Here, MAJ Brian Fernandes helps run rehearsal before the crowd gets there....

And afterwards - I got a chance to get a picture with NH's Governor, Senators and Congresswomen! It was great to have them all there, and all of them were extremely nice! (NH Governor Maggie Hassan, Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Senator Kelly Ayotte, Congresswoman Carole Shea Porter, and Congresswoman Annie Mclane Kuster)

I'll have more pics soon - but the day was a complete honor for me, and I'd like to thank The 237th Military Police Company for their gracious invitation!