I got to watch an immature bald eagle on Saturday morning. It flew from tree to tree in a place where I know them to frequent - so I watched for about an hour. It flew past me a few times, and I was lucky enough to get these shots. What a spectacular animal to watch!

Bald Eagles' heads don't turn white until they are about 2-5 years old. Best guess on the age of this one? I'd guess about 3 years. The wingspan of this particular bird was about 4-5 ft - (with it being closer 5). That's pretty big when it flies directly over you!

No shot of an animal is good unless you can see it's eyes. That's especially true with Bald Eagles. Their eyes are so laser-focused- it's amazing to see.

I read last week that the Bald Eagle population in NH is hitting record numbers. If you've ever been lucky enough to see one of these birds- you know how awesome they are to watch. Majestic birds, thats for sure- 


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Hope you like em -