Caught in traffic, caught by a listener in the crowd. Umm...I dont think Im supposed to be standing up in the Arctic Cat..... lol

Doing the Q&A with 6 time Champion Jimmie Johnson - and a tent full of kids! It was awesome!

Blacksmith got the little kids to ask some pretty cool questions....


You never know who you'll meet at NHMS - like us here with New England Patriots Julian Edelman!

a candid from the Buzz broadcast suite...

Kayla was overjoyed to get a pic with Julian Edelman, but after he left - she saw his eyes were closed in it. She was crushed! So- I tracked him down and he agreed to do another one. This is the first face he made -LOL - CLASSIC! Very cool dude!

and lastly - Miss Sprint Cup, with the cartoon version of my head, NASCAR Greg. Courtesy of Scott Bengston. Thanks Scott!