It's true. On many of my days off, I still get up early - but its not because "I'm used to it". It's because its the best time of day, especially for photography. Here's a few I took recently. Hope you like em.

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Off Season. Harpswell, ME. Took a trip up past Portland, to Harpswell. A beautiful area of small islands south of Brunswick. It's filled with views like this. Gotta love Maine.


Still of the Night. Newcastle NH. It was an exceptionally warm, and calm night in March. The sky was clear and the ocean was at rest. It was a perfect night for a 30 second exposure of my favorite lighthouse...

Darkness and Dawn. Hampton NH. The most beautiful time of day is when darkness meets the dawn. The sky changes colors quickly in the moments just before the sun shows itself. It's worth getting up early just to see it. This shot is proof.