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Some of my Photos...

Some of my Photos...

Here's some of my recent shots....

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Waiting on The Tide. Nubble Light, York Beach ME. it's always a challenge when you shoot something that's been shot a million times. You're always looking for that angle or perspective that others have missed. That's what I was hoping for with this shot. I've never seen this angle of The Nubble, and by framing the boat in the foreground- it just seemed like a new perspective on an old friend.

Windless. Dover NH. A windless August morning on Dover Point. The fog snakes its way up the Cocheco as the sun lights the sky from beyond the horizon. I watched this unfold with a camera in one hand, and a cup of coffee in the other. It was like a friggin tv commercial!!! (Except Im fairly sure I looked like a creepy, unshowered creepy dude. I save the shower for after my early morning shoots...hahaha.)

3 Trees. Eliot ME. Almost every shot I take is taken from near a road that is well travelled. Sometimes - they're on the busiest roads in NH. The whole point behind why I started really going on and shooting- was to show the beauty in the things we pass by everyday. These trees sit to the right of a school, right on Rt 236, a very busy road that stretches from Kittery to S. Berwick. Hundreds of cars passed by this on the morning I shot it. What I love about this image is the simplicity of it. Three trees in different depths of fog, in the last gasps of Fall.

If you haven't noticed, I shoot a lot of trees. I'm sure there is some psychological, Freudian meaning as to why I do - but I have no clue- other than to say I love the way they reach for the sun. And as in this photo, I'm particularly drawn to trees once they've shed their leaves - where the branches are like fingers. That intrigues me....

I know. I want to throw up at some of my explanations too. But......that's just the truth. lol

Hope you like em -


ps.  Feel free to ask photography questions if you have them. Although I m certainly not a professional - I'll do my best to answer every question.  Thanks!

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