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Some Bald Eagle shots from this weekend...

Some Bald Eagle shots from this weekend...
Posted April 6th, 2014 @ 7:37pm

Took a couple of early morning hours this weekend to visit a bald eagles nest. It took a while- but eventually they both were in the nest together. Locals believe they are still building up the nest to help protect the egg(s) that the female is protecting. Once there is an egg in the nest, one of the adults will be in the nest (or very close by) at all times. It's a great time to get some shots of them- because the male is constantly going back and forth to the nest with food. Here's a few from Sunday morning....

And away he goes.....

And theres nothing like getting a good shot of them in flight...


Everybody wants to know where the nests I visit are. Im sorry to say- but I can not reveal that information because they are all on private property. I was given permission to shoot there as long as I don't reveal the location. If you're really interested in seeing them - they are growning in numbers throughout New England. Just Google Bald Eagles in NH- and Im sure you'll get a ton of info--




ps. you can see more of my eagle shots at

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