If I go more than a couple weeks without using the camera, I get itchy. So, it felt good to get out for a while on Friday afternoon.  Here's some shots from Plum Island, MA.

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The Plum Island Wildlife Reserve is the most beautiful, unpopulated stretch of coastline in NH and MA. Theres a few miles of untouched dunes, and marshes that are filled with great sights and wildlife. It was certainly a great way to spend an afternoon...

Two Geese. Plum Island Wildlife Reserve. Plum Island, MA. We see geese all the time, so I think we take how beautiful they are for granted. Thousands of them rest in the marsh - undisturbed by anyone. It's a pretty cool thing to see, especially through a 300mm telephoto lens.

Also spent a couple of afternoons collecting toys with the US Marines for Toys For Tots! Blacksmith, Roadkill and I posed with Lance Corporal David Ware. It's always a great time being involved with the Toys for Tots campaign - because in it, you see the true spirit of giving in people from all over the state. Thanks to everyone who helped to make it a success!