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Photos from The Weekend.....

Posted May 18th, 2014 @ 7:06pm

Took some time early Sunday morning to head out for a few hours with the camera. You see - if you leave the house at 4:30- you go shoot for a few hours, and then you get back in time to have coffee with your wife! And then of course- she hands you the "honey-do" list...... lol.

First stop was Kittery, Maine. I was too late for the sunrise, so I headed to one of my favorite vantage points.....

Sunday on the Docks. Kittery, ME. Nobody in sight....


Day Off. Kittery, ME. It struck me as I took this - that it was just a great way to start a day off. My next thought was - somehwere there is a fisherman thinking the same place. Somewhere else.

Sunday Swim. Rollinsford NH. I stopped by a small pond where I've seen some pretty cool animals and birds- and got a visit from this guy. Saw him smash his tail a few times- which is really loud! Just chillin' on a leisurely Sunday with a swim.....

Beav's gotta go what a beav's gotta do. 

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