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Photos from The Weekend....

Photos from The Weekend....
Posted November 19th, 2013 @ 8:22pm

On any given weekend day with a few free hours in the morning, Im prone to slipping out to see what I can see, with camera in hand. Here's some from last weekend....

Season's Passed. Portsmouth NH. I was actually shooting a boat in the water - across the street from this, when I turned to get back in the car and saw this. I didn't touch a thing - I just shot it. I can't even tell you how much I love this image. It perfectly shows - to me - the passing of one season into another- without any elements of weather in it. The flowers and apples are well past prime.....and you know just from looking at them - that Winter is knocking on the door.

Done for the Season. Epsom NH. This one is from my archives, and heres what made me take the shot. I love that the tractor is seemingly retired for the Winter - but the door isnt totally closed on it. It still works. Trusted and true - it will always answer the call and get the job done. gets the well deserved rest. I just love that notion.

Portsmouth NH. A quiet Saturday morning, just after sunrise - in Portsmouth's south end. It doesn't get more "New England" than this right here. And you know what? It felt that way just to stand there and look at it oo....

and How I Do It... (i get a lot of questions about how I get some of the shots I do. Here's one of the answers...)

Tides Rush. Cape Elizabeth ME. For this shot, I wanted to show the motion of the waves, while keeping the rest of the shot in focus. You can do this by using an Neutral Density filter- which decreases the amount of light that gets into the lens. It allows you to shoot with at slower shutter speeds without overexposing the shot. Basically - you can leave the shutter open longer with will blur the things that move, while keeping still objects in focus. The technique is called "dragging the shutter" - and its a lot of fun to play around with....

If you'd like to see more of my photography- visit '

Thanks - and please feel free to email me any questions you have!

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