Had a great weekend that included boats, partying, photography, yard work and barbecue. Still - Im full in favor of the 3 day weekend!!! LOL - When I'm King- that will be my first priority-  3 day weekends for everybody if they want em!

Anyway- here's some shots.....

Surfs Up. Old Orchard Beach, ME. At  5:45am on Saturday morning, this board was leaning on the pier, just waiting for the tide to come in. For a moment, it felt like I was in California....


Got to party with some long time friends!! Chris "Doctor of Rock" Garrett, and former Governor John Lynch! Great to see them both!!

The Pier. Old Orchard Beach, ME. I shot this at 4:30am - after about 2 hours sleep. People ask why I get up so early on my days off - when I never get to sleep in normally. My answer is simple: its for something I love to do. So, who wouldn't? Besides, I get to do something I love, and still be back to do stuff with my wife and family by 10am. It's perfect, if you ask me!

Reflections on Low Tide. Old Orchard Beach. Sometimes, things just catch my eye. And here, it's the legs of the pier and the reflections of the low tide. The color is from the lights of the pier - even though all of the businesses on it were closed..

Hope you like em -

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