NH's own American Idol - Alex Preston dropped by our studios in Manchester on Saturday morning - as a part of his "Welcome Home" tour!! He had a full day of appearances in Mont Vernon, Manchester, and finally a parade and concert at UNH in Durham! He was really nervous that nobody would show for the concert- BUT 7000 PEOPLE DID!!! You have to admit- THATS pretty cool!

He was followed around by no less that 10 Fox people - videographers, photographers, press and security people - but NONE of that fazed him He was totally chill - and a really nice kid. It made all of us proud that he has done so well - because he's a really good dude.

Anyway- his day started with The Buzz - and we had a great time with him. Here's some of the shots from that morning. We'll see on Wednesday night if any of it makes American Idol!


The crew had to make sure they got every shot-  his getting out of the limo, me greeting him, him getting back into the limo. It was pretty funny to watch. We were joking around with him throughout. He was loose and funny - and it made for a cool start to the day...