Greg Kretschmar

Tom Brady: Naked? WTF!!!

New Photo Tuesday! 9-27-16

SKUNK!!! Would YOU Do This???

Mom Crashes Into Her Son on His Motorcycle

And Now....Another COMPLETE...DOUCHEBAG!

Bruce Springsteen at Gillette Stadium
Greg Kretschmar

The "Godfather".

Thats what they call me. Some even say there's a "Soprano" resemblance. I dont see it. I've been doing mornings here since 1987. In radio years, that qualifies me to be a Jurassic Park exhibit, I think. But having Blacksmith, Roadkill, Laura, and Kelly there each morning keeps it fun. We hope it does for you too....

As for me - I'm just a normal guy in an abnormal job. I've got a great wife, 2 great kids, and a job that lets me play for a living. Yeah, that doesn't suck.....

Hope you enjoy the page- and if you got questions - then ask em! I'll try to answer all of em once I get em!