This chick is trying to ask out Olympic Bronze Medalist skiier Nick Goepper. He mentioned he was single for Valentines Day- and she wrote this song. Im not big on people asking celebs and sports stars out via YouTube. It just seems so, done. Doesn't it? Obviously- this chick is cute, with a nice smile and some cleavage (imagine that!)) - but , would a guy get away with this?


"I know we'd have tons of fun, I wouldnt mind the cold.

I know you never use them, but I swear, I'd hold your pole...."


Granted, who wouldnt want this woman holding their pole? But if a guy wrote that and sent it to a chick - he's be a creeper!!! LOL  It just goes to prove one thing: Cute chicks can get away with anything, and all dudes are pervert creepers. hahaha...