Seriously- how hard is ice fishing?  This is how hard it is. Drill hole. Set trap. Wait, and freeze. LOL

Spent some time up in Alton Bay on Saturday afternoon and had some fun with my family! Lot of stuff going on - snowmobiles whizzing by,  4x4's transporting, chili cooking, ice football, planes landing and taking off right next to us - and I'm pretty sure there were packs of wild dogs roving the ice, eating young kids! It as crazy!

And then - BOOM....

Seriously! Easiest thing in the world!! LOL Here I am, "Charlie Moore-ing" this lake trout! (See, if you hold it closer to the camera- the fish looks bigger! hahaha- Sorry Charlie!) We put this guy back in the hole so he could live to bite another day- but we had fun up there!