I cant even tell you how much fun this was!! Singing "Run Run Rudolph" on stage with the likes of Mike Girard, Charlie Farren, Adam Ezra, MB Padfield, Liz Armano, Dave Mitchell, Steve Baker and more!!! That song could have gone on all night and I still would have loved it!!! Great way to end a really fun night!

There is nobody better than Eric Frede. At anything. He's a total pro when it comes to broadcasting - and he's the best there is as a friend. He's introducing us here - as the show begins. And its because of our real friendship - that forces me to post this next photo...

HAHAHAHA- Look at his face!!! CLASSIC!!!   (Did i mention he was hilarious too?)

What a great group of talented folks! It's a real special group of people that come together to do Buzz Ball, and its all brought together with the help of producer Jim Roach. Thanks for another incredible job, Jim!!!