Greg Kretschmar

Who Said Kangaroo's are Cute??

My Photo Site Christmas Sale!!!

TB12: 201 Fan Made Video = Awesomeness

SURPRISE! You Won't See THIS Coming!

Dog vs Kangaroo, Man vs Kangaroo....

Greg Kretschmar

The "Godfather".

Thats what they call me. Some even say there's a "Soprano" resemblance. I dont see it. I've been doing mornings here since 1987. In radio years, that qualifies me to be a Jurassic Park exhibit, I think. But having Roadkill, Laura, Kelly, and Kayla there each morning keeps it fun. We hope it does for you too....

As for me I'm just a normal guy in an abnormal job. I've got a great wife, 2 great kids, and a job that lets me play for a living. Yeah, that doesn't suck.....

Hope you enjoy the page and if you got questions then ask em! I'll try to answer all of em once I get em!


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