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YES! I Am A Cleveland Browns Fan!

YES! I Am A Cleveland Browns Fan!

A lot of listeners know I'm a Cleveland Browns fan. Yes, we are currently the laughing stock of the NFL (and most likely in all of sports). Remember there have been tons of teams in all sports in the same situation.  Remember, the now Superbowl winning Saints were called the "Aint's" and there fans wore paperbags over their heads. Let us also not forget our beloved Red Sox suffered the most epic collapse in baseball history. They then sent three big guns out to LA, got a new GM and Manager and in one year turned it around to win the World Series. I'm not saying the Browns will win the Superbowl next season, but I am saying it certainly can happen. Stranger things have.  New head coach Mike Pettine is not a guy who likes to lose. He wants to be the guy to suceed in Cleveland.  New GM Ray Farmer is following in the footsteps of former Browns HOF'er and current Ravens mastermind Ozzie Newsome.  New owner Jimmy Haslem has surely made some serious newbie owner errors, but I think (or would like to think) has learned from his mistakes.  Listen, you don't become rich enough to buy an NFL franchise by being a dumb guy. Haslem owns another large business which is also in management turmoil, but I think both cases have to do with doing to much to soon.  Just think of what it takes to own an NFL franchise. It's full time job.

The Browns have the #4 pick in the draft plus two other first round picks in first 26 picks. If they can somehow leap frog the Texans (pick first) and the Jaguars (pick third) they might be able to draft Johnny "Football" Manziel who I believe will be the #1 pick in the draft. I have never seen a college QB enter the NFL Draft with so much excitement! This kid has all the greats rolled up into one fantastic QB package. Yeah, he's only six feet tall but they used that argument with Drew Brees and we see what happened there. Brees is already on his way to Hall of Fame. Let's also not forget the Browns have one of the youngest teams in the league and have a top 10 ranked defense! I truly believe we just need that franchise QB to change the offense which was horrible under Weeden and others.  And who knows what would've come of that three game win streak with Hoyer over center before his knee injury.

So for Browns fans don't give up all hope yet. Remember, anything can happen!!! Don't forget the movie "Draft Day" starring Kevin Costner comes out in April right before the draft. The movie is completely based on the Browns. You can see the trailer by scolling down on my page. I'm sure I will get tons of "It aint gonna happen Andy" emails, but what the hell. I'm a Cleveland Browns fan!



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