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Not For Air

Not For Air

Here's my first installment of "Not For Air", where I answer your questions about show.


Q...(from Mike)...I once heard you say that you lived in your car as a kid. Is this really true and what kind of car was it?

A...Absolutley true! Back in the days when I was pumping gas for living. I would park my car out back of the Mobil gas station in Cliftondale Square/Saugus.  The car was a 1969 Camaro SS, which I bought with my graduation money.


Q...(From Patricia)...My friend said you used to be a professional wrestler. Fact or Fiction...get it? LOL!

A...Well whether you consider me a professional is up to you, but I did train in Baltimore and did get my pro liscense. I worked for MCW and ECW. And Yes, I got the joke!


Q...(from Randy)...How much of your on-air persona is shtick vs. your true self.  For example "Fact or Fiction" Understanding you all play a certain role for the show, how much are you "embellishing" because I know you're pretty damn intelligent.

A...I think it's pretty much who I am both on and off air. I appreciate the intelligent comment, but I think we're all intelligent in different area's of our lives. As for Fact or Fiction, I think it's just good ole' fashion luck much to Kelly's chagrin. But on air I will always it's because I am brillant!!!! LOL!


Q...(fromTom)...How did you guys come up with the cash register sound effect during your interviews?

A...I have my own sound board on my side of the studio. One day years ago during an interview, I asked a question (to whom I honestly don't remember), but he responded with, "that's a good question".  I just happen have my mouse on the cash register effect and the rest as they say is history!


Q...(from Patty)...Do you guys hang around with disc jockey's from other stations in the area?

A...Not really, but we do know who each other is. When we do run into each other at area events it's always pleasant.


Q....(from Robby)...Why don't you guys play any music during the show?

A...Truthfully, most morning shows who do the "more music in the morning" format genrally don't do well in the ratings. Which is strange b/c surveys tell the bosses listeners want to hear more music in the morning. Fact is that they would rather hear us chat.










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