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**NEW** Bio Page Segment Called..."NOT FOR AIR"

**NEW** Bio Page Segment Called...

Listeners love it when we pull back the curtain for them and take them behind the scenes.  Well here's your shot with my new segment I call..."Not For Air w/Andy Blacksmith".

Here's how it works.

1) Email me at (No Other Social Networking will be used in this segment. YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR QUESTION IN EMAIL FORM AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!

2) Put "NOT FOR AIR" In The Subject Line. (If you put anything else, you're email question will be deleted.

3) Since we all get tons of emails please be "Twitter" percise with your question. Twitter gives you 140 characters. I will give you up to 200 characters. Anymore and it will be deleted. I just don't have the time to read the Magna Carta. Be brief and to the point!

4) Once the emails start flowing in I will decide whether to answer a minimium of (5) questions per day or even weekly. That decision is totally up to my descretion. I might even do it couple times a week if the questions are really good!

5) Questions can be personal in nature, show related or other. I reserve the right to decide if your question crosses any lines that deem unecessarry.

So get those questions writtern and we'll start this on the Monday we return from vacation. So you will have plenty of time to think up your question. I will also answer them as truthfully as possible thus the name title..."Not For Air".

Thanks Andy!




Subject: Not For Air

Body of Email: Your question in 200 characters or less.





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